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Welcome to the EEGLAB Wiki

Since 2003, EEGLAB (Delorme & Makeig, 2004), has become a very widely used environment for human EEG and other related data analysis, with contributions from dozens of programmers, plug-in tool authors, and users. This new (2021-) revised version of the EEGLAB documentation is hosted on for ease of use and updating. Please send us any feedback (

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Useful EEGLAB documentation pages

The EEGLAB tutorial is available in a subsequent section on this page. Other type of documentation are listed below.


EEGLAB Tutorial


This tutorial was written by Arnaud Delorme with feedback and edits from Scott Makeig. Other essential contributors include Dung Truong, Claire Braboszcz, Makoto Miyakoshi, Ramon Martinez, Devapratim Sarma, Derrick Lock, Hilit Serby, Toby Fernsler.