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Mugs from the 17th EEGLAB workshop

Welcome to the EEGLAB tutorial

This tutorial is an introduction to basic EEGLAB functions and processing. You can also refer to the Online Workshop that includes a list of videos presenting EEGLAB.

The EEGLAB Tutorial is split into four parts, the last of which is the Appendices. In the Appendices, the user is introduced to more advanced and technical elements of EEGLAB such as input data formats and MATLAB data structures. These topics are presented to the user to fully describe the architecture, etc. of the EEGLAB system.

Here are the most common steps you might want to take when processing EEG data at the single-subject level:

EEGLAB Tutorial

Note on MATLAB

If you are new to MATLAB or need a refresher, do not hesitate to consult the material on the Getting started with MATLAB page