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EEG data available for public download

Download data used in the workshops and in tutorials

You may download and uncompress the anonymized data used in the online workshop and EEGLAB tutorial below.

  • The EEGLAB distribution contains EEGLAB tutorials datasets “eeglab_data.set” and “eeglab_data_epochs_ica.set”. These files may be found in the “sample_data” folder.
Sample experiment description In this experiment, there were two types of events "square" and "rt"; "square" events correspond to the appearance of a filled disk in a green colored square in the display and "rt" to the subject's button press.

The disk could be presented in any of the five squares on the screen, one with a green outline and the others with a blue one, distributed along the horizontal axis. Here we only considered presentation on the left, i.e. positions 1 and 2 as indicated by the *position* field (at about 5.5 degrees and 2.7 degrees of horizontal visual angle, respectively).

In this experiment, the subject covertly attended to a selected location on the computer screen (the green square) and responded with a quick thumb button press only when the disk was presented at this location. They were to ignore circles presented at the unattended locations (the blue squares).

To reduce the amount of data required to download and process, this dataset contains only targets (i.e., "square") stimuli presented at the two left-visual-field attended locations for a single subject. For more details about the experiment, see this paper.

When using events in an EEGLAB dataset, there are two required event fields: *type* and *latency*, plus any number of additional user-defined information fields. It is important to understand here that the names of the fields were defined by the user creating the dataset, and that it is possible to create, save, and load as many event fields as desired.

Note also that *type* and *latency* (lowercase) are two keywords explicitly recognized by EEGLAB and that these fields *must* be defined by the user unless importing epoch event information (Note: If only field *latency* is defined, then EEGLAB will create field *type* with a constant default value of 1 for each event). Unless these two fields are defined, EEGLAB cannot handle events appropriately to extract epochs, plot reaction times, etc.

Other EEG data available online

There is an increasing amount of EEG data available on the internet. The list below is by no way exhaustive but may hopefully get you started on your search for the ideal dataset.

  • A web page started in 2002 that contains a list of EEG datasets available online.

  • The NEMAR database contains 200+ EEG studies in BIDS format.

  • The ERPcore resource is a freely available online resource consisting of optimized paradigms, experiment control scripts, example data from 40 participants.

  • Head-IT is a legacy database containing ten experiments.