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The online EEGLAB workshop

This page comprises materials for and videos from different EEGLAB Workshops held at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on the campus of the University of California San Diego (UCSD), La Jolla, California, plus more recently recorded talks and short Youtube tutorial videos. Note that the wiki pages for EEGLAB workshops also contain the slides of the presentations.

List of Youtube Tutorial Videos

EEGLAB introduction (2019, Delorme)

Preprocessing data in EEGLAB (2018, Delorme)

Independent component analysis (2020, Delorme)

Time-Frequency Analysis of EEG Time Series (2020, Delorme)

Robust statistics applied to EEG data (2020, Delorme)

General Linear Model of EEG using EEGLAB/LIMO (2020, Delorme)

Automated EEG processing (2023, Delorme)

Preprocessing Muse data in EEGLAB (2017, Delorme)

EEGLAB 2016 workshop at UCSD

Videos of the workshop talks are available for streaming through the links below. The talk videos are more recent than those from the 2010 workshop below although their video quality tends to be lower and the 2010 workshop videos were also better formatted. Some 2010 & 2016 presentations were given by different researchers. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the 2010 and 2016 versions.

Theoretical lectures

Practical lectures

EEGLAB 2010 workshop at UCSD

Videos of the workshop talks are available for streaming through the links below. The video web pages will also contain relevant questions and links to further information. The talk slides are available for download in PDF format through links below. Individual users or classes may use the videos, slides, and further links to learn or teach how to use EEGLAB, to review the workshop, and/or to prepare for a future workshop. We appreciate any feedback or suggestions for building the Online EEGLAB Workshop site (email

EEGLAB Signal Overview

EEGLAB Toolbox Overview

EEGLAB Methods for EEG-based functional brain imaging

Computing across subjects and conditions

Extending EEGLAB with Plug-ins

MATLAB and matrix operations tutorials

If you are new to MATLAB or need a refresher, do not hesitate to consult the material on the Getting started with MATLAB page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The practical portions of the workshop are largely dedicated to writing EEGLAB MATLAB scripts, so if you are not yet able to understand MATLAB syntax, you will not be able to make good use of these sections.

Relevant publications demonstrating EEGLAB capabilities

You can consult a list of relevant EEGLAB papers here

Material to download

To access the talk slides and videos, use the links in the Program listing above. You may also download and uncompress the anonymized data used in the workshop here. These files are valid for both the 2010 and 2016 workshops.