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The 17th EEGLAB Workshop drew 104 attendees from as far away as New Zealand, Korea, and England. The two-track format was successful; workshop lectures on advanced toolboxes were attended by 10-25, while 60-70 attended the basic EEGLAB introduction. This photo was taken the last morning.

Seventeenth EEGLAB Workshop

San Diego, USA - November 14-18, 2013 following the Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego The 17th EEGLAB Workshop took place from Thursday evening, November 14th through Monday, November 18th at San Diego Supercomputer Center of the University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA, USA. Participants will be expected to bring laptops with MATLAB installed so as to be able to participate in the practical sessions. The workshop will introduce and demonstrate the use of EEGLAB and EEGLAB plugin tools for performing analysis of EEG and related data, with detailed method expositions and practical exercises. The program begins with an open house reception and poster sharing session the evening (5:00-8:00 pm) of the 14th, a day following the Society for Neuroscience meeting in downtown San Diego, 25 minutes away. The workshop will end at 5:00 pm on Monday, Nov. 18th.

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San Diego and UCSD

Although less than 60 years old, the University of California San Diego, sister to UCLA, UC Berkeley, and seven other UC schools, is now an American research powerhouse. Located by the spectacular cliffs and beaches of La Jolla, UCSD enjoys near year-round temperate weather.

Three-track program

For the first time, this workshop featured a Three-track design. Each morning and afternoon, lectures to the whole group were interspersed with sessions in three tracks. Attendees new to EEGLAB could choose the basic EEGLAB instruction track. Attendees who were already familiar with EEGLAB could join work sessions on newer, more advanced EEGLAB toolboxes and related software.

Workshop Program

A program overview is available here.