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Matlab tutorial

The EEGLAB graphic interface is built on top of the powerful MATLAB scripting language. Enjoying the full capabilities of EEGLAB for building macro commands and performing custom and automated processing requires the ability to manipulate EEGLAB data structures in MATLAB.

MATLAB Online Course

MathWorks proposes some MATLAB self-paced online courses. We advise that you complete the “MATLAB Onramp,” a 1-2hour interactive introduction to the basics of MATLAB programming.

Accessing MATLAB Onramp:

Note that you will be asked to log in to your MathWorks account, which can be created for free here.

MATLAB Documentation

Alternatively you can also consult MATLAB’s help and documentation. We recommend running the following demos and reading the following help sections:

In the MATLAB help, you should perform the first four tutorials:

  • Getting Started with MATLAB
  • Language Fundamentals
  • Mathematics
  • Graphics (first section 2-D plot only)

Each section or demo should take you about 40 minutes, for a total of about 2 hours. We encourage you to read these sections over several days.

If you do not use MATLAB regularly, we encourage you to watch these demos, read these sections, and practice using the skills they introduce over several days.

A Video tutorial for scripting with EEGLAB

This video tutorial by Mike Cohen uses EEGLAB.