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Download EEGLAB

Go to the EEGLAB download page to download the latest stable version of EEGLAB. The rest of this page describes how to download the development version of EEGLAB, and is recommended for advanced EEGLAB users only. In the video, we outline the different options for running EEGLAB.

Download the EEGLAB ZIP file archive

EEGLAB download in ZIP format is available on the EEGLAB download page. This includes the latest release as well as old versions. The EEGLAB revision history page describes changes between EEGLAB versions.

Please do NOT download the zip file from the EEGLAB GitHub repository as it is missing important EEGLAB plugins not included in the EEGLAB code base. If you want to use the development version of EEGLAB, clone it and include submodules as explained below.

Cloning EEGLAB from GitHub

Since 2014, it is possible to use GIT to download the latest development version of EEGLAB from GitHub at any time - this version is more recent than the ZIP above. Because of our development scheme, the latest version of EEGLAB is usually the most stable. We recommend using SourceTree to visualize branches. Clone the EEGLAB GitHub repository as you would do with any standard git package. When cloning, make sure you use the –recurse-submodule option. Otherwise, important EEGLAB plugins will not be downloaded and EEGLAB will not be fully functional.

git clone --recurse-submodules

Accessing branches

The Master branch is a copy of the latest ZIP release. The develop branch is the latest stable code with updates and bug fixes. Most likely, you will want to use the develop branch, which is the branch cloned by default.

All other branches refer to previous versions of EEGLAB or unstable code that is under intensive development. To update the EEGLAB code using the latest development sources, simply right click on the EEGLAB folder and select git pull.

Contributing code to EEGLAB

To contribute code to EEGLAB, fork the code and create a pull request, as indicated on this page. This other page contains additional information on how to contribute to EEGLAB.

Prior repository systems

EEGLAB was first under RCS (2002-2005), then under CVS (2005-2010), and finally under SVN (2010-2014) before migrating to GIT (2014-). All commit messages have been preserved in the migration process.