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SIFT Downloads

SIFT releases can be downloaded below

| You can install SIFT using the EEGLAB Extension Manager (see also section 5.1). |

Sample data for the tutorial (143 Mb)

70-page SIFT manual. It gives both SIFT methods theory and a practical guide to using SIFT using downloadable sample data (some of the content in the PDF document is outdated, and this wiki is more up-to-date). </tr>

Sample slides from the 15th International EEGLAB Workshop in Beijing, China (June 16, 2012): SIFT Lecture: Theory and Applications and SIFT Lecture: Practicum

A short video lecture on the (very) basic theory and application of SIFT to modeling distributed brain dynamics in EEG is available here. A longer video is available here. </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> ## Additional ressources * SIFT has an entire module to simulate data that is not described in this tutorial. This [page]( describes it (backup PDF available [here]( The SIFT simulator allows you to simulate point-like sources, sources on the cortical surface, or sources in fuzzy regions of the brain. * SIFT has a folder with scripts ([SIFT/scripts]( folder), which contains examples with detailed comments on how to process datasets. It is worth checking out. * [Group SIFT]( is a plugin for generating group-level analysis with SIFT. The plugin has useful recommendations for using SIFT. ## Citing SIFT If you use SIFT for a paper or talk PLEASE don't forget to mention you used SIFT (provide the URL to this wiki) and include the following citation(s): - Mullen, T. R. The dynamic brain: Modeling neural dynamics and interactions from human electrophysiological recordings (Order No. 3639187). 2014. Available from [Dissertations & Theses @ University of California](; ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I. (1619637939) - Delorme, A., Mullen, T., Kothe, C., et al. "EEGLAB, SIFT, NFT, BCILAB, and ERICA: New Tools for Advanced EEG Processing", Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2011, Article ID 130714, 12 pages, 2011, PDF. We are very happy to hear of any papers you have published using this toolbox, especially the ones that make the data and script available to researchers.